Digipak Advert 7 & 8

In this blog post I posted the final edit of my edit after recieving many feedback from my friends. Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 8.48.25 PM


Didipak Advert 5 & 6

In this blog post I posted my the mock of my advert that I’ve sent to my media classmates and friend to get feedback on it. I have two Products with one difference which is the color of the font in different shades of red.

Here are some feedback that I recieved on facebook which was really psitive.

Digipak Advert 2


In this blog post i recreated the advert of the album AM by artic monkeys in which i copied all the elements including artwort, Font and colors. To accomplish this process I used Microsoft Word to gather the elements and work on the project. On the left, is the original advert that I got from google. It was quite easy to reproduce it as the whole production only contains black and white colors. Below I will be showing in a slideshow the different steps of how I recreated the advert.


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On the left we is the original one and on the right is my reproduction of it.

Digipak advert 1

For this task I will be looking at music advertising from the indie genre and highlight some of the conventions that I will need to include in my poster. I will look at a few print adverts of some artists similar to mine, and do a detailed analysis of one to show what I need to do for my video (and what I like about theirs). 

Here are some posters that I found that are Indie and conform to different conventions that I will need to recreated for my poster. I wrote on each to show different things I felt were important to include in my own poster and how their advertising was done well and effectively.

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